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Auction estimates

J.C. Naón & Cía provides auction estimates for items that are of a type and value typically sold at Naón, ranging from paintings, furniture, tapestries, rugs, chandelliers, porcelain, silverware, crystalware and objets d'art to books and other items that may be of interest.

1) The prospective consignor is advised to send, via post or preferably by email, the photo(s) of the piece(s) he wants to sell together with measures, description of condition or any other relevant information. Please note that all estimates are provisional and subject to revision on personal examination by a specialist.

2) Another possibility is to come personally to see the appraiser at our offices with the object(s) he wishes to sell or photos of these from Monday through Friday, 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

3) When the quality or quantity of objects is judged to be of merit, an appraiser will arrange a visit. To request the valuation you can call us at (+5411) 4811-1685 / 4811- 4943 / 4812-6129.

4) In case of divisions of estates among heirs we provide our services for inventory and pricing and our advice for distribution. Fees are agreed in each case.

Consigning for sale

Once the goods have been appraised by us, we can help you arrange packing and shipping at your expense or you can use your own carrier. Please call us to check receiving times.

Auctions are held from March through early December, every approximately 40 days. Even if all sales are generic and display a wide variety of fine art and decorative objects, they vary in the quality of selected items.

Commission rates are established upon volume of property consigned and subject to VAT (Value Added Tax). There are no other taxes payable by the seller.

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